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Notice: has been transitioned into

Effective Jan 2nd, 2022, all active MyCodingTools accounts have been transitioned into Find-A-Code accounts at If you had an active account, you can use your existing credentials to sign in here:

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If you didn't have an active account, you will need to sign up for a new account (or demo account) at the same link.

– MyCodingTools Support

FAQ about the transition to

What is going on?

Existing accounts have been transitioned to a sister site,


Originally, was a copy of Over time the sites have diverged, and now MyCodingTools is missing a lot of the features that have been added to FindACode. Merging the MyCodingTools accounts back into will instantly make these features available to MyCodingTools users.


Accounts existed in both MyCodingTools and FindACode until Jan 2, 2022. Now they will only be available in

How much is different?

Actually not that much - aside from the color scheme and menu layout, by and large the tools and data is exactly the same.

Will it be hard to switch?

Nope, you can actually use your same email address and password as you use on to access

Your billing schedule and renew dates will stay the same too - although you will need to set up a new credit card within to continue access.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can email or call at 801-770-4203.